Converting attention into digital currency.

About us
Adcoin is the only ad technology that enables cashless micro-transactions & verified measurable brand messaging through positive digital engagements.

About us

We align publishers, consumers, and advertisers around a single positive experience. We give everyone exactly what they want.

  • Consumers get digital content and rewards from Publishers.
  • Advertisers get direct attention and engagement from Consumers.
  • Publishers get transactional revenue from Advertisers.

  • For Advertisers:

    5x increase in Brand Recall compared to standard banner ads and 10x in Brand Lift compared to Comscore benchmarks.
  • For Publishers:

    Being able to monetize the 54% of users, who are not willing to pay for content online.
  • For Consumers:

    Alternative payment method, which works without you having to give up personal data.


Initial results have been encouraging to say the least. Early stage campaigns ran through Adcoin system have delivered significant uplifts for brands in comparison to industry standards.

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